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Deblock with tulips

Have you ever felt blocked? Ever had the feeling that your life takes too many loop ways and that there should be a shorter, smoother, straigther one? I am sure all of us know this feeling. Do you also tend to get angry, kick, scream and shout and make it all worse than it is?

Next time you feel stuck think of the healing energies of the tulip. This flower has a long and straight stem,  symbolising directness. They are expressing grace and calmness. Have you ever watched a field of tulips moving in the breeze of a spring day? They look so strong but flexible at the same time. And they even seem to enjoy the swinging as if it were a dance. They shake their heads gently and tell us: let go of all the worries, relax, take life as a game! Everything will be good in the end…. and if it’s not good yet, it’s not the end!

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So instead of bending, take a deep breath, stretch yourself and keep your head up high! You are supported…by the energy of nature and also by the many angels around this amazing flower. Archangel Haniel as well as AA Raguel and Zadkiel work through the tulips. They help us to clear our base chakra from lower energies and strengthen our solarplexus chakra. To give us self confidence and master the situation with…grace. If you don’t have a fresh flower feel free to print out my photos. The energy flows right through them.

So let go with the help of the tulips! Lots of love

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Dr. Kerstin Joost, Holistic healing Angala

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Inspired by Robert Reeves „Flower therapy“, co-written with Doreen Virtue.